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Producer Steve Longi Forms Longitude Entertainment, Makes First Buy

Former Permut Presentations production executive Steve Longi has launched Longitude Entertainment, which intends to purchase screenplays, books, true-life stories, and original film, TV, and Internet properties. The plan is to develop the material and attach talent before seeking financing. The company has also joined with Joe Lawless' GoingLong Productions to acquire its first property: rights to the story of filmmaker Raul Julia-Levy and the making of his recent documentary Revelations Of The Mayans: 2012 And Beyond, which they want to turn into a comedy (working title: Secrets Of The Mayans: Exposed!) inspired by the wild true events surrounding the making of the documentary.

Julia was granted access to Mayan tombs by the governments of Mexico and Guatemala and promised the film would prove that the Mayans had contact with aliens. The production commenced only to be halted amid allegations of fraud, theft of footage, double-dealing and lawsuits. Longi is producing the new film with Julia; Lawless will executive produce and Longitude's Ron Cohen will co-produce. "I have known Raul for a number of years and he is one of the most interesting people I have ever come across", Longi said. "This [is the] story of how he convinced two foreign governments to allow him access to film these sacred archeological sites, his claim of irrefutable alien proof, and the mayhem that ensued. He is truly an international man of mystery and this is the perfect project to christen the inception of my new company."

Longi's credits include co-producer titles on such films as Youth In Revolt, Prayers For Bobby, Charlie Bartlett and the Chris Colfer-scripted Struck By Lightning.