GoingLongProductions, LLC


GoingLong Productions is currently accepting creative submissions from writers and independent producers for both scripted and unscripted projects. We are looking for unique, high concept pitches in all genres in the following forms: Features, TV Series, Specials and Documentaries. We prefer submissions to be sent via email, however hard copy will be accepted via regular mail. We will not accept faxed submissions. We prefer to accept submissions from your representative (e.g. agent, manager, or lawyer).


Submission Policy

The submission policy of GoingLong Productions is as follows:


We will accept a log line and/or a short paragraph explaining your script, book or idea; and the first 25 pages of the script or book.

Include a total page count of the script, the genre and your contact information. We will also accept any other materials that further support your idea such as demo DVDs, bible, or episode/act outlines if you have them. Please keep in mind that due to the high volume of submissions, none of these materials will be returned to you.

Do not expect to hear anything for at least 4 weeks. In this time, do not call to follow up — we will contact you for a meeting if we are interested. Please understand that we receive numerous submissions and it is unlikely we will be able to give specific feedback on projects if we decide not to accept your submission.

Submission Process

To submit your idea, follow the steps below:

  1. Download and fill out Our Submission Agreement and then submit along with the Submitted Materials (as outlined in the Submission Agreement). Fill out all required information on the last page. Read carefully and understand what you are signing.
  2. Include your signed Submission Agreement, the Submitted Material and any other materials (outlined in the Submission Agreement). Please remember to include your name, phone number, fax number, address and email address.
  3. Email package to: goinglongproductions@gmail.com E-Mail
  4. Mail package to:
    GoingLong Productions
    Attn: Development Department — Submissions
    P.O.Box 310
    Ardmore, PA 19003
    Tel.: 484.412.8370
  5. A copy of the submission agreement with your signature will be faxed or mailed back to you for your records.